Beautifully lit cities, facades and buildings attract shoppers, sellers and tourists. Urban planners find it necessary to accentuate the outdoors to maintain the right level of illumination that facilitates orientation in dark and meet the basic requirements of the residents and tourists.

We provide a wide range of LED and conventional floodlights that are functional, reliable, durable and highly energy efficient that save operating costs. An option of wide and narrow beam distribution gives a distinctive atmosphere by amazing illuminating the architectural structures and landmarks.


Modern lifestyle has impacted our schedules stretching them way into midnight. This has increased the need for illuminating outdoor spaces correctly and efficiently. Illuminating streets, pathways, lanes and by-lanes, walkways has become the key focus area for city planners in order to maintain safety as well as vibrancy of the streets.

KEI Lighting provides a vast range of lighting luminaries with special features exclusively designed to meet wide ranging lighting needs. Precision optical design and uniform light distribution to enhance safety on roads, advanced LED technology for higher energy savings with contemporary styling and design that blends with urban architecture.


Striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, we bring to you contemporary LED lighting solutions for transport infrastructural spaces such as airports, railway stations, and bus stands that help create a sense of security and facilitate visual harmony. Our intelligently managed LED lighting solutions not only come with a maintenance-free service life, but also provide energy savings and cost optimisation. These luminaries guarantee the best possible experience for daily commuters while minimising operation costs and promoting energy efficiency.


Retail lighting is all about creating the right mood and perfect ambiance for shopper's right from the moment they step in. Our luminaries create stunning visual experiences and add a touch of vibrancy to showrooms, retail malls, art galleries and museums. Explore our range of luminaries to find out just how you can create a feel-good environment at your retail outlets.


Lighting up the great outdoors is more than just setting up some lights to illuminate a space. There is a certain art to outdoor and landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting is instrumental in enhancing the beauty of an architectural structure beyond its walls, trails and sculptures, by creating interesting patterns of light. Our vast range of luminaries gives architects and landscape designers the chance to play with light; the result of which is magical and spectacular effects in the outdoors.


When you speak of industrial lighting, the first thing you think about is well-lit spaces to ensure worker safety. But that’s not thing that is expected of industrial lighting. Factories are places of heavy-duty work and so there is a need to use lights that are sturdy enough to withstand extreme working conditions and high temperatures while consuming less energy.

At KEI, industry experts have been brought in to build lights keeping these key parameters at the centre of all our development. Our industrial lights are sturdy, durable and easy to maintain, and are ideal for high temperature environments as well.



From schools to research institutes, the right light can help create a space that is comforting and vibrant, inviting yet relaxing. The right light can also improve concentration and better student performance and our aim is exactly that! To create a space that is cheerful and vibrant, while keeping the campus safe and inviting for students with the use of the right LED luminaries. Not only do these luminaries are the preferred solution because they require little maintenance, but they’re also ideal for energy saving for large campuses. Find out more about how our lights can help you create space where students will look forward to visiting every day..

Lighting Management System (LMS) & Lighting Control System (LCS)

Our intelligent lighting solutions give you greater control on lighting, along with improved returns with the help of lighting controls. It significantly cuts down the energy usage and makes areas more productive, efficient, and green. They’re focused on convenience and provide automated operations and features like safety, reliability and easy installation.

There are three Cs of intelligent Lighting Controls:

COST:  Lighting range provides smart controls to reduce consumption of light and increase savings of up to 35%.

CONVENIENCE:  Select System allows smooth transition of light at the touch of a button.

COMFORT:  Lighting and dimming sensors regulate the luminaries to maintain uniform lighting levels, and creating comfortable and pleasant working conditions.