We are specialists in airport lighting, specifically high mast lighting and airport apron lighting. Our products and know-how are especially tailored for airports, and our solutions have been deployed internationally in both major and regional airports. We have worked on both new-build designs and retrofit projects, and we have the expertise to deliver your lighting needs on spec, on time and on budget. We continue to work with multinational contractors on delivery of LED replacement programmes and directly with airports and architects on design of ICAO compliant stands and terminals.


We have experience in delivering port lighting and large area lighting solutions to major ports and terminals internationally. Our advantage lies in our proprietary optic system which allows terminals to achieve the required lux levels where they need it, and not on top of container stacks or waterside. We understand the issues that Ports face with their high mast lighting requirements, so our technology has been designed with this in mind. We are a preferred supplier to a number of Ports for LED lighting solutions.


Many Cities, Councils, Municipalities and national Highway Agencies have high mast lighting in their asset portfolio. These high masts are difficult to maintain, expensive to run and are often located in busy areas such as round-abouts, tolls, bridges and inner city flyovers. We have successfully delivered LED lighting projects, including high mast, street lighting and catenaries lighting. These projects have ensured that local regulation is met with respect to light levels, energy savings are delivered to the city and maintenance is reduced to a 10 year cycle. Old power networks also benefit from a reduced load on the system. Our products can easily integrate into most controls systems to allow for system-wide Street lighting management and we work with leading producers of lighting control systems to deliver a product that meets the customer requirements.


We work with some of the leading retail centre operators and owners on energy efficient high mast lighting solutions. Our high mast LED lighting solution for store car parks acts to reduce crime and the fear of crime, improve customer experience, increase the colour rendering index for better CCTV operation and reduces light pollution and light spill for the local community. We can provide a solution for shed and building-side lighting as well as for commercial and storage areas.


Logistics Parks are usually very energy intensive and lighting plays a significant part in this as well as ensuring a safe and efficient working environment. Our products are specifically designed to illuminate large areas, so whether this is for high mast lighting around the logistics park or for high bay application inside the building, we can provide a well-engineered, long lasting solution. In many cases, logistics operate around the clock, so luminaries with a short life or poor quality will cause more harm than good. For this reason we believe a bespoke solution, incorporating the client requirements will have a higher ROI than off-the-shelf products. Each environment will have its own challenges – challenges which must be tackled with expertise and experience.